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Recent work awarded to Rare Earth Recreational Developments Inc., has been completed.

Attached you will find an overview (Richard Juryn Memorial Trail Report) with before and after images of the work completed by Jeremy Power and his team. We have also included a photo comparison (2010 Progress Report) with other before, during and after images of the changes to this beginner and intermediate trail to meet Metro Vancouver trail building guidelines."


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hello respondents and interested participants,

This notification is to inform you that the Richard Juryn Trail 2010 RFP has been awarded to Rare Earth Recreational Developments of North Vancouver.

Criteria was set by the following items:

  • qualification
  • safety plan and procedures
  • Metro Vancouver trail building guidelines
  • work plan
  • timeline/expected completion
  • cost

We wish to thank all respondents for their submissions and participation. As this is the first such event on the Richard Juryn Trail, future trail development and upgrades are expected, of which we hope that you will participate.

Many thanks again for your participation and see you on the new and improved trail.


Robin J. Harvey
Richard Juryn Memorial Trail Fund"


Hello All,

I am attaching a PDF document outlining a few areas of discussion from trail hike of the RJ Trail.

  1. Images included in this document will show the "rock face" area mentioned in Section 1.0, the reference to boardwalk replacement in Section 2.0 and a new addition of the construction of a berm on a portion of the trail between the rock face and the boardwalk areas. This area is currently moving over the edge and is not safe due to the height. A slight berm is required here with a stable edge. Please note that this is not an area for "stunts", but rather an area that requires a slight rise and attention to stability.

  2. A separate request for pricing for stump removal in the areas between the rock face and the boardwalks is requested.

  3. Do not include the cost of gravel, wood or other organic supplies as Metro Vancouver has a restriction on the importation of such items. Please reference this PDF web link for building guidelines.

  4. A discussion regarding trail and boardwalk width has arisen. MV suggests 4 feet. I am awaiting a reply from the North Shore Bike League on this requirement, for liability and insurance reasons.

  5. Please note, there a number of events taking place this spring; a high school race May 19th and the North Shore Bike Fest June 5th and 6th. Depending on your availability, I would suggest that the re-construction of these areas should not take more than 2 weeks and perhaps take place prior to these events. If this is not possible then, then in between. I will let MV confirm this.

Of note, the submission date for this RFP was extended to April 23rd mid-night, if you have previously submitted a reply to this RFP, you can retrieve the document and resubmit.

Any questions, please email or call me.


Richard Juryn Memorial Trail Fund
C: 778-837-7637


Important announcement

A Request for Proposal (RFP) has been created for updates and maintenance to the Richard Juryn Memorial Trail. With daily use by the local community, visitors , school groups, and competitive events since the original building of this trail, it is important to maintain a sustainable and safe experience for everyone to enjoy. A full visual copy of this RFP can be found on the announcements page of this site.

Of note, this RFP due date has been extended to mid-night, April 23rd, 2010.

A site inspection for interested contractors submitting for this RFP will be held Wednesday, April 14th, 2010 at 1:00pm (local time). Please meet us at Metro Vancouver's - Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve offices at Rice Lake Gate 4900 Lillooet Road.

Many thanks for your interest and participation along with Metro Vancouver for their assistance and access.

Please click here to view the details of the RFP.