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July 19, 2008
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The Richard Juryn Trail Day & Festival
Date: Saturday, July 19th
Time: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Event: Trail day, Festival, BBQ, Entertainment and Sign Dedication
Trail: Richard Juryn Memorial Trail
Meet: Inter River Park
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April 07, 2010 - RFP for the Richard Juryn Memorial Trail

Richard Juryn Memorial Trail - Trail Upgrade - Request for Proposal

Project Overview

Re: Request for Richard Juyrn Memorial - Funding in Support of Richard Juryn Trail Upgrades.

Richard Juryn's Vision: To create and sustain a non-motorized trail system on the north shore for all users. A trail or trail network for novice to intermediate riderís usage; to initiate and maintain their interest in trails.

The Richard Juryn Trail system is a network of trails, initially commencing at the District of North Vancouver's Inter River Park, showcasing a skills park for new riders, and connecting communities into the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve network of trails. Currently, the trail incorporates a number of mediums - crushed gravel/granite, packed loam, forest debris, bed-rock and hard-packed soil. Areas of the trail require attention to ensure safe use.

Current signage was enhanced in early 2010 to provide multiple visibilities for trail usage in either direction.

1.0 RFP Introduction - Contractors are required to undergo specific trail repairs. This is a request for potential contractors to apply for funding in support of the described project.

2.0 Background - The Camp Brick trails are unique to the North Shore in that they provide a venue for beginner riders, high school races, and events such as the High School Mountain Bike League races and other mountain bike events. A re-route was constructed in 2005. Due to the increased use in this area, upgrades to this reroute are required as well as maintenance in other areas of this network.

3.0 Successful applicant must; -

  • Demonstrate experience in mountain bike trail maintenance and/or building.
  • Submission must include a written safety plan for intended work activities, following trail building guidelines as outlined in the "Metro Vancouver Mountain Bike Trail Guidelines".
  • Provide proof of appropriate liability insurance coverage, with a minimum value of $5 Million, covering third party liability and listing affected landowners including Metro Vancouver and the Richard Juryn Memorial Trail.
  • Provide proof of appropriate Workers Compensation Board coverage for all workers on this project.
  • Be able to provide a plan, cost estimate, and timeline for suggested future maintenance.

Metro Vancouver, as the land owner, will assign "Prime Contractor" status to the successful proponent. The proponent will be responsible for designating and delineating the work sites, controlling pedestrian traffic through the work sites and ensuring that a Safety Plan and Safety Management System that adheres to WSBC regulations is in place and followed throughout the duration of the project. Metro Vancouver will conduct a site hazard inspection with the successful proponent prior to work commencing and they will audit the work site periodically to ensure the Safety Plan and Safety Management system are being followed. It is the successful proponentís responsibility to ensure the safety of all workers and public, in and around the designated work site.

4.0 Projects - Two projects have been identified as priorities:

  • Bedrock Improvements / Re-route / Obstacle removal
    Location: North end of single track portion of trail, at junction with lookout trail.

    The reroute exits the old trails and follows a portion of bedrock that is sloped towards a steep drop off. We would like to see the trail widened and flattened to make the route easier with less chance of a bike going over the edge. Options include rock chipping to flatten the sloping bedrock, building up the outside of the trail edge, or rerouting the lower portion of climb pictured to achieve a wider, flatter route. The current trail circumnavigates a stump and rock creating a difficult right turn to enter the reroute. Possible solution is to remove the rock and stump, smooth out this area and create an easier right hand turn in conjunction with the bedrock work and re-route work discussed above.

  • Repair/Improvement: Re-decking boardwalk
    Location: Half way on lower trail to lookout.

    There are two short sections of boardwalk which have rungs spaced at wider than accepted intervals. Stringers appear to be in good condition. Rungs need to be replaced to a max of 1" spacing in order to provide a safer experience for all trail users.

  • Area Overview - Yellow Line indicates section of trail where work is required.
    Area of Overview for the Richard Juryn Trail

3.0 Scope - The North Shore Bike Festival and Richard Juryn Memorial Trail Fund have taken on the task of overseeing upgrades to the trail. The scope of work includes the following:

  • Materials as required, (provide a list of equipment needs) provided by the Metro Vancouver.
  • Proposal must include methodology and timeline.
  • Final project approval from Metro Vancouver is required.
  • No live tree removal will be permitted.
  • Final project summary suitable for public and website publication and must be presented including "before and after" photos before funds will be released.
Applications will be accepted until mid-night, April 10th, 2010.
Replies to be emailed to:

July 23, 2008

Dear Friends,

I wanted to take this time to thank everyone for helping make the Richard Juryn Trail Day a huge success, this past Saturday, July 19th at Inter River Park in North Vancouver.

We had over 250+ volunteers assist with our big day and it was a huge success because of volunteers like you. This event is just the start of many trail development days ahead for Richard's trail. Perhaps we will see a "Richard Juryn Trail Day" at the "North Shore Trail Awareness" week, every year in the future on the shore.

With your help, donations made at the event through our BBQ lunch provided by On Top Bike Shop and individual donations, amounted to an additional $800 towards the Richard Juryn Trail Fund.

For our commercial sponsors, supporters and partners, we are adding your logo and a link to your site, to the site, plus any photos that are available. A thank you ad in the North Shore News will follow.

Thanks again for your commitment to make this day fun and memorable for everyone. Please take some time to get out and ride Richard's trail, share it with friends, have look at the special sign posted above the BMX Park and stay tuned for upgrades and additions to the trail and area.

Thanks again everyone!


Robin J. Harvey
Communications & Marketing Director
Richard Juryn Memorial Trail Fund Administrator

More RJ's Trail Day, Festival and Expo information will follow, so please stay tuned.

Richard Juryn Memorial community trail day announced in North Vancouver, Saturday July 19th.

The North Shore Mountain Bike Association along with the District of North Vancouver, the LSCR through Metro Vancouver and the City of North Vancouver are pleased to announce the "Richard Juryn Memorial Day" trail event is now set for Inter River Park, off Old Lillooet Road near Capilano University, North Vancouver, on Saturday, July 19th, 2008.

Richard Juryn, an important North Vancouver resident and a director of the NSMBA, encouraged participation in healthy outdoor activity, physical fitness and promoted amateur sport events, was killed last year in a tragic accident in Howe Sound.

Richard had a vision - a vision of riding trails with his family and friends, in his own backyard. His idea of a trail system on the north shore lead to his own personal pursuit of a structure that would equal or surpass trail networks in other communities. In Richard's worldwide travels to such places as Tasmania and Australia and through journeys with his World Mountain Bike Conference, he visited Scotland and Italy experiencing the positive effects of entire communities linked by multi-use trail networks. In June of 2007 he and five friends embarked on an epic adventure through western Mongolia to celebrate their friendship and personal milestones.

He shared his ideas and desires with his many cycling industry associates, business contacts and friends in local and international government; all of which participated in his world mountain bike conferences, held in North Vancouver and Whistler, over recent years. His dream and message to everyone was simple - a novice north shore trail network was needed to allow local communities and visitors to enjoy the beauty of the north shore's own back yard.

Volunteers are encouraged to participate in the festivities. Along with a full day of trail maintenance and sustainable building practices, organizers are providing a festival atmosphere for volunteers and visitors for the Richard Juryn Trail day. Including retail cycle shops' displays, bike industry groups and safety organizations such as Adventure Smart BC, the event will be followed by a community BBQ and sign dedication to Richard Juryn by his family and friends.

Advance Information is available from a special website developed for the event at 200 and more volunteers are needed to make the day a success such as trail building crews, festival staff and expo area crew. In addition, trail crews are requested to bring along their own rakes and shovels for the day if available, and reminded to wear appropriate footwear for a day on the trails. You may wish to wear gardening gloves while working with any equipment.

"We will start early Saturday the 19th and provide a full day's trail-building activities on Richard's trail, including a giant BBQ, entertainment for everyone in the expo area and a special gift for your participation," stated Robin Harvey, NSMBA director and Richard Juyrn Trail Day organizer. "By including a trail awareness element to the festivities; we created a venue for the community to come out, help build Richard's trail and possibly make this a yearly event," she added.

Sponsors are encouraged to participate with prizing or free items for volunteer swag bags. Volunteers love free stuff! Let's make this day a huge success to show the importance of north shore trail stewardship and community partnership awareness. Organizers hope to continue this legacy as a yearly event for their friend Richard Juryn. Please join us Saturday, July 19th, help build the Richard Juryn Trail and make his dream come true.

For More Information, Contact:
Robin J. Harvey, Director - Communications & Marketing
North Shore Mountain Bike Association
C: 778-837-7637